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Players are to be at the field 15 minutes before the time the coach says

So we have time to take everyone's temperature before entering the field

Players must bring they own chair to games
Team Hand sanitizer will be in the dug outs 
For a copy of the full league rules download the PDF  


While the complete “Reopen Connecticut Sector Rules for June 17th Reopen” from Governor
Lamont are attached to our CTEBA League Rules, here are the most important COVID related
rules & guidelines:

1) Guiding Principles (see Page 1)
All decisions on when and how to reopen have been made with safety at the #1 goal. (see Page 1)

From Page One
No team practices or other activities can begin until:
a) Allowed by Governor Lamont’s Re-Open Connecticut Rules
b) Allowed by each local community leadership
c) Teams have registered with our league and paid their $150 per team fee
d) Teams have purchased and received confirmation of insurance coverage
e) All participating players and their legal guardian have completed the Release
of Liability Waiver Form
f) All participating coaches have completed the Background Checks and related
coaching requirements
All teams are required to follow all of the rules listed below and to complete all of the required
forms – please see appendix for more details.

If the other team refuses to comply with all the COVID rules, you should end the game
and go home, and report the incident directly to both you Division Chairman and the
State Director.

2) Introduction (see Page 5)
Each baseball game or practice will be limited to two teams, officials and limited family
members. Each indoor practice is limited to 50% of building capacity. While these rules
are intended to make all games and practices as safe as possible, everyone (players,
coaches, officials & spectators) who participates should be aware of the potential risks.
It is recommended that everyone over the age of 65 or with other health conditions not
participate and remain home in order to stay safe. Individual teams should see these rules
as the minimum requirements and feel free to take additional precautions, in consultation

with their local health and recreation departments.

3) Sports Specific, Health Guidance & Personal Protection (see Pages 14-17)
Since most of our players have had limited baseball specific workouts since mid-March,
coaches should take their time getting them ready for games, especially all pitchers.
Starting on June 17th, all of our teams can begin practicing and playing games.
Participation in tournaments is not allowed until July 6

th. All players, coaches, umpires
and spectators should do a self-evaluation screening prior to coming to the field. If they
have cough, shortness of breath, or any two of the following they should stay home:
fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss
of taste or smell.
All players should travel to the game by themselves or just with their own family
members. Shared equipment, like bats & helmets, should be kept to a minimum –
anything share must be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Bats should be picked up by
the user whenever possible (makes an out), but should be sanitized if picked up by
someone else. Teams should consider assigning a coach or team representative to serve
in this role. Everyone must bring their own water bottles. These water bottles can’t be shared.
Masks or face coverings are not required for any player while they are engaged in any
baseball related physical activity. However, everyone (players and coaches) on the bench
must both wear a mask or face covering and properly social distance – staying at least 6
feet apart. Coaches and umpires on the field must also wear a mask or face covering
unless they can consistently stand at least 6 feet away from the next nearest person.
Any coach coming onto the field to talk to an umpire must wear a mask or face covering
and stay at least 6 feet away. If they do not comply, they will be given one warning – if
they ignore the warning they will either be restricted to the dugout for the rest of the
game or ejected at the umpire’s discretion.
Because of the important need for social distancing, we recommend that teams consider
not using their dugouts, and having all their players bring their own lawn chairs to be
lined up 6 feet apart outside the playing fence. Furthermore, wherever possible, we
recommend that teams remove all their portable bleachers, and have all spectators sit by
family, socially distancing from each other and any players. All spectators, other than
small children, are required to wear masks or face coverings while at the field.
Whenever possible coaches should keep players in small groups during practice to allow
for social distancing. Teams should allow time between practices to clean and disinfect
any commonly used surfaces. The starting times of games should allow a buffer between
groups. Games times in a field complex should be staggered so that no more than half of

the complex is changing over at any given time.
Game balls must be disinfected before and after each game and practice. Concession
stands can be open, but must only sell prepackaged food and drinks. Any team
“meeting” must meet the social distancing requirements.
All teams should consider having a “Game” of “Facility” Monitor at each game to
monitor compliance with all the COVID related rules.

4) Cleaning and Disinfecting (see Page 18)
Hand sanitizers should, at a minimum, be available for each team. Bathrooms must be
cleaned frequently, with a log kept for tracking. Appropriate cleaning (per CDC, EPA),
disinfectant, and/or disposable disinfectant wipes should be available in the bathrooms.

5) Health Guidance (see Page 19)
All teams should keep an attendance log for all players and coaches, for all practices and
games. If any player, coach, or spectator tests positive for COVID the team should be
notified. The team must then contact their local or State Health Official for help
following all state testing and contact tracing protocols. That team should not hold any
additional practices or games until both this health official and our League Director, or
his designee, gives their approval.

6) Additional Baseball Specific Guidelines
During any pre-game conference with umpires, and any other conferences or discussions
with the umpires during the game, the coaches and the umpires should try to socially
distance, but must wear masks or face coverings. During the game any mound visit or
conference (offensive or defensive) must be limited to one coach and no more than four
players. No full team “huddles” at any point during any game or practice. When talking
to a player(s) coaches will wear masks or face covering and so will players if they aren’t
doing any baseball related physical activity. Teams must now exhibit sportsmanship in a
touchless manner – no handshakes / slaps / fist bumps during or after the game or practice.

If any player, most likely the pitcher, goes to their mouth and then touches the baseball:
1st two times in game player gets a warning from the umpire and the ball is removed
from play (and must be sanitized before it can be reused), the 3rd time in the same game
the player will be restricted to the bench for the rest of the game – please note that this
means the player can’t play the rest of that particular game.


"If you are not playing and at least 6 feet apart, no mask is necessary.  
When in doubt, wear a mask."


"..... Athletes are encouraged to wear face coverings when not engaged 

in active play.  While engaged in the active play of sports or strenuous 

activities do not need to wear a face covering.  However, athletes shall 

wear face masks at all other times."

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